Genuine specialists

Diversified and well established

We know who and what qualifications we need from our daily experience. We therefore have set up a team of specialists over the years that outstandingly lives up to the demands of sound and profitable real estate management in the areas of asset, property and facility management.

We are happy to support you with a team that covers the commercial and technical aspects of the entire real estate added value chain. You can profit from our knowledge, our experience, our commitment, our vigour, our creativity and our general enthusiasm for the complexities of real estate.

Vincent Borreck

  • Trainee

Luisa Breiholdt

  • Trainee

Ragna Bressem

  • Accounting
  • Real estate management

Sandra Effenberger

  • Head of Sales and Leasing
  • Authorized signatory

Ramona Habeth

  • Accounting

Sarah Höffken

  • student trainee

Ann-Kathrin Mannheim

  • Assistance
  • Sales and Leasing

Chrisowalandou Meladini

  • Real estate manager

Christin Pendolino

  • Real estate manager

Fabienne Reinartz

  • Consultant
  • Office Leasing

Markus Safarowsky MRICS

  • Company Founder
  • Real Estate Economist (EBS)
  • Real Estate Investment Advisor (EBS)
  • past away on 07.02.2016

Nicole Safarowsky

  • Managing Director
  • Real estate manager

Jacqueline Strüve

  • Assistance to the management board
  • Real estate management

Nadine Triebe

  • Head of Tenant relations

Vassiliki Tsianas

  • Accounting
  • Human resources

Luca Keanu Wieners

  • Trainee
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