Operative success

Focused on your real estate properties

With our SMART property management, we operationally implement ideas and strategies in daily business for you. This means that we shoulder all tasks related to your property from lease negotiations to handling payments and from utility cost statements to detailed reporting to you.

Your advantage is that we have our eye on your real estate properties and maintain value and keep cost structures as efficient as possible by means of concrete measures. And because asset management and property management go hand in hand, we can ideally harmonize strategic alignment and operative implementation and combine them in your interests.

Marketing properties

In order to optimally market your real estate properties we develop appropriate strategies and implement them based on our marketing expertise on location with proven and suitable instruments.

Lease negotiations and rental agreements

It is important to us to know the precise current legal and economic frameworks with regard to leasing real estate properties. For us, this is the basis on which we successfully negotiate and conclude contracts for you.

Monitoring contractual agreements

Real estate contracts are the meat and potatoes of dynamic and successful real estate management. We know exactly what is written in the contracts and react immediately when agreements are infringed upon or modified.

Debt collection

In order to represent the entire value added process of a real estate property we flank our handling of payments with resolute receivables management. We firmly assert payment of receivables.

Handling payment transactions

We centrally handle all your payment transactions. This service not only takes the burden off your shoulders, but is an important control instrument that ensures income and optimizes costs.

Drawing up utility bills

Calculating utility costs is a sensitive issue. We possess sound knowledge in implementation of the latest operational costs ordinance (BetrKV) and create safeguards with precise, careful work.

Reporting to the client

We provide you with continuous and proactive information so you are always in the know. We coordinate matters with you immediately if communication is deemed necessary outside the regular reporting schedule.

Monitoring structural installations

We inspect the real estate properties in our care at regular intervals. This contributes to preserving the structural fabric of the building, the technical installations and to continuously fulfilling safety requirements.

Consulting and controlling

Since our daily works anchors us very deeply in the real estate business we are able to advise you intensively and develop sustainable strategies for you that we implement on your behalf in a dynamic and controlled manner.

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