Lasting performance

With ideas, strategies and sound knowledge

Our SMART asset management focuses on value maintenance and performance. We rely on methods and instruments that we work hard to further develop in close collaboration with leading real estate associations and research facilities and align to operative business.

In concrete terms, we develop viable property strategies and take over planning, steering, implementation and control of all value-influencing measures for you. With our dynamic asset management we boldly and consistently implement potentials optimization possibilities to your benefit.

Consulting for the purchase and sales selection process

We have our eyes on the local real estate market and can precisely assess real estate values. We will suggest properties to you with high potential and develop sales strategies to contribute to your successful portfolio.

Steering transaction processes

We stand by your side with our experience throughout the entire course of property purchasing and sales. Your advantage: our expertise contributes to safeguarding this process both legally and economically.

Planning and execution of due diligence processes

Our experienced specialists conduct sound due diligence checks to assess properties with regard to their economic, legal, financial, technical and environmental characteristics.

Profitability calculations, earnings plans

We calculate the possibilities for you. To do so, we rely on proven sets of instruments as well as the experience and the knowledge of our experts. In this way, we can realistically estimate sustained return potentials.

Creation of a rental strategy

Which tenants suit a property? What rents can be asked? What’s the best marketing strategy? We analyze properties for their optimized leasing capacity and develop the corresponding strategies.

Steering and control of external service providers (such as external property managers, architects, agents, tax advisors, attorneys)

We are optimally networked where the real estate properties we manage are located and work closely with external service providers. We know the right specialists for the job from experience.

Planning, monitoring and coordination of required construction measures

If construction is necessary, we make sure it runs smoothly. We coordinate the technical crews, draw up schedules and budgets and control construction progress and completion of the work on site.

Budget monitoring

We always keep our eye on the budget required for professional asset management for you and contribute to high cost effectiveness and profitability through consistent budget adherence and cost optimization from beginning to end.

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