An eye on your properties

Technical and infrastructural supervision

We offer you our SMART Facility Management to provide the best possible care for the technical and infrastructural aspects of your real estate properties. Using a network of reliable service providers as well as our own team of experienced technicians, we implement management concepts to ensure smooth-running building operations.

For example our regular checks and maintenance of the technical installations contribute to preserving the functionality and value of your real estate. In addition we can react quickly to technical defects and prevent rent losses. In the medium and long term we keep the operating and administrative costs especially low, grow revenues and safeguard returns.

Comprehensive building services

Real estate needs maintenance, care and repairs. We do much of the work needed for this with a broad spectrum of services, for example by remedying unexpected defects.

Our own team of electricians, plumbers, painters, masons and professional cleaners

Step by step, we have built up our own well-tuned facility team made up of experienced technicians and service professionals. This allows us to act and react independently and at optimal cost.

Regular checks and maintenance of technical installations

Our systems comprehensively document all of the technical installations under our maintenance responsibility. If a maintenance or technical inspection job is due, we reliably ensure it gets done.

Preserving the function and value of the managed real estate properties

Real estate can only be a worthwhile investment when well cared for in the medium and long term. We regularly inspect properties, eliminate damages to the technical installations or the structural fabric and thereby maintain their value.

Ensuring smooth-running building operations

Many things can happen every day to impair smooth operation of a building. We anticipate possible problems and make sure they are eliminated before they can even happen.

Aligned to growing revenues and safeguarding returns

Our facility management services are integrated completely in the overall strategy of the respective real estate property. This means that every measure planned or taken by us is related to the property’s overall profitability.

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